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Great tape

I use this tape a lot, it's got the best quality I've found on the market so far. It sticks to the skin for prolonged periods of time and holds everything together really well. That said, it also leaves the skin torn at the edges if it's applied to exactly the same spot numerous days in a row. Every skin is individual, though, so mine might just be less sturdy. The adhesive itself hasn't irritated my skin. It can be worn throughout the day and easily withstands water.


Sehr gut aber ich finde es nicht breit genug für meine Achillessehne. Aber sehr gute Qualität das hält mich während des Trainings.

Would be top if it really stays on alone

The packaging is nice. The colors too. And it is easy to apply. I have to use it on my ankle which became very weak after being sprained few years ago. I still can train 4 to 5 hours a day. So I suppose it really works. Unfortunately, it is not staying 4 to 7 days as advertised. It even comes off very easily if I don't hold it in one sock.

Ottima funzionalità adesivo irritante

Mi sono trovata molto bene, il tape è di ottima qualità. Purtroppo l'adesivo mi ha provocato irritazioni allapelle

Très bien

Excellent produit

Easy to apply to painful areas

I was advised to try KT tape by a fitness instructor years ago. I have used KT tape for tennis elbow and painful knee. After 3 days the pain has gone.
The video demonstration on how to apply the tape is easy to follow.

Long lasting and good

I was struggling to find tape that would stick to my feet for longruns or harder workouts. They inevitably would come off due to sweat. This one seems to do the trick! We’ll see how it holds up over the course of my marathon in two weeks time