How to apply KT Tape: General elbow

The elbow consists of three bones coming together at a junction, as well as the muscles that serve to flex, extend, and rotate the arm. The elbow also consists of ligaments that hold these bones in place, tendons that attach muscles to bones, cartilage that allows for smooth movement of the bones at their joints, and nerves that provide functionality to the arm. Each of these different parts can become irritated or strained resulting in pain. Many times, elbow pain can be dull and achy, and not specific to any one particular area.

There may also be times when you will want general support for use in sport, daily activities, or outdoor work. The following application will help to provide pain relief and support during activity, and can be used to address general elbow weakness due to pain*. Elbow weakness and pain can occur due to hyperextension of the elbow, overuse in sport or physical activity, or as a result from problems further down or up the arm.

Those with professions that use the hands and arms with repetitive strain – such as hairstylists, mechanics, massage therapists, or warehouse employees – will find that general elbow pain is unfortunately sometimes part of the job. KT Tape will help to provide the needed support and pain relief to help recover faster and avoid further injury*. More specific elbow pains can be addressed with our other elbow applications, but use this application for general elbow pain and overall support*. Try to avoid activities that cause the elbow significant stress, and ice after activity.

Application overview

General elbow pain includes dull, aching pain around the elbow. Causes of pain may include overuse, inflammation, or trauma. KT Tape treats this by increasing circulation, reducing pressure around the area of pain, and providing support and stability.

What you need

2 strips of KT TAPE

Apply before activity

Apply one hour before beginning activity

Clean skin

Clean dirt, oils and lotions from area

Activate adhesive

After application rub tape vigorously to activate adhesive

Body position

Bend the elbow at 90 degrees.

0% stretch

Anchor a full strip on the outer arm 10cm above the elbow.

50% stretch

Apply tape around the elbow with 50% stretch.

0% stretch

Apply the last 5cm of tape without stretch.

0% stretch

Anchor a full strip on the lower bicep 10cm above from the elbow without stretch.

50% stretch

Apply tape around the inner elbow with 50% stretch.

0% stretch

Apply the last 5cm of tape without stretch.

CAUTION: If you have skin sensitivities, cancer, or are pregnant, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated or sore. KT TAPE® is not a replacement for professional medical care. Warranties and remedies limited to product replacement cost. READ ALL CAUTIONS ON ENCLOSED INSTRUCTION SHEET PRIOR TO USE.