KT Tape increases blood flow, lymph drainage and decreases swelling

Help stabilize weak or tired muscles by using kinesiology tape. Tape will not cure injuries, but it will make an athlete more confident. Experience additional joint support with tape that does not restrict range of motion. Especially for volleyball, a full range of motion of the shoulders are essential to serve the ball optimally. Shoulders are most of the time a weak link compared to other joints.

Kerri Walsh Jennings, an Olympic beach volleyball player likes to tape her shoulders.  Two shoulder dislocations made Kerri on the lookout for much needed shoulder support.

A sore shoulder muscle might lead to an unexpected bad serve because of other muscles taking over to overcopensate for the tender muscle. Check out our shoulder taping guide for instructions.

Apply tape to sore muscles to give it additional support, and improve the mind-body connection to streamline movements to prevent injuries. This way, you will have full control, and you will probably play better or atleast with more confidence.